What you should know

Global M&A Partners is a partnership of independent investment banking firms all gathered together to offer to their respective clients premium services for their goals completion.

Our Mission / Goal
To assist, everywhere in the world, our clients in their international growth and business development strategy in the M&A environment.

Our values
Integrity, transparency, trust, respect, high standards, for our clients’ interests through a in-depth professionalism and a proven experience of more than 20 years worldwide.

Our team
34 independent investment banking firms – and still growing - transacting in more than 50 countries in all five business continents, with some 200 + active deal makers supported by 150 business analysts, organized around 8 industry sectors.

All these assets, coupled to the absolute respect from us all to stand by our commitments, have established the foundation of our common success.

M. Dominique Auburtin
CEO of Financière de Courcelles - France
Chairman of Global M&A Partners Ltd