GrafiMedics BV has acquired Hamilton Medical Nederland

Company Name

GrafiMedics B.V. is a top-notch supplier of medical hardware and software to Dutch healthcare institutions. The company also provides consulting and training services

Global M&A Offices
JBR (Global M&A Netherlands)
Global M&A Advisory Advisor to the seller
Further information

GrafiMedics B.V. acquires the leading independent Dutch distributor of High-tech

respiratory systems, Hamilton Medical Nederland B.V.

Hamilton Medical Nederland B.V. is an independent top-performing distributor of high-end respiratory systems, from Hamilton Medical, in the Netherlands

The distribution of its highly needed respiratory systems helps intensive care departments across the Netherlands, to safeguard as many lives as possible from the COVID-19 virus

• The company is led by an ambitious team and has over 20 years

of experience in (the distribution of) respiratory systems, and

has built a reputation of reliability over this time period

• JBR assisted the shareholders of Hamilton Medical Nederland

B.V. during the entire sales process. The legal advisor for

Hamilton Medical Nederland B.V. was Wijn & Stael

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