Global M&A’s Peru office was founded in 1985 by Manuel Moreyra and a team of high-ranked professionals from Peru’s Central Reserve Bank (Banco Central de Reserva del Perú, in Spanish) with the mission to provide the highest quality in economic, financial and business consulting services to its clients.

Throughout its 24-year history, our Lima office’s activities have evolved in accordance with the country’s economic reality and its clients’ needs. In that regard, our team of advisors interact with government agencies, business associations, multilateral agencies, private corporations, non-profit organizations and academic institutions.

We have participated in over 50 transactions totaling more than US$10 billion. Due to the experience and success accumulated through multiple, diverse and complex transactions, we are able to offer a differentiated value-added service to our clients which includes the top Peruvian companies, foreign investors with operations or interests in the country, international organizations and public sector institutions.

Since the 1990’s Macroinvest has had an active role in the economic transformation of the country by participating in key transactions such as the transfer to the private sector of the telecommunications companies Compañía Peruana de Teléfonos and ENTEL Peru, and the Antamina, Las Bambas, Toromocho, La Granja and Michiquillay mining mega-projects.

Global M&A Peru also trades locally under the name Macroconsult.

Key Contact

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Mateo Moreyra
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Mateo Moreyra has professional expertise in investment banking, financial and strategic evaluation, with more than 16 years of experience focused on mining, infrastructure, energy, and logistics.

Mr. Moreyra has been involved in several transactions with a total value in excess of US$ 8 billion, including: Centromin Perú production units and projects (Cerro de Pasco, Imexcallao, LICSA, Electroandes, Alto Chicama / Lagunas Norte, Toromocho, Morococha, Las Bambas, La Granja and Michiquillay); the Yuncán hydroelectric project; Agrobackus; the sale of stakes in electricity transmission companies (Transmantaro, Redesur and ISA Perú); the concession of the new Muelle Sur Container Terminal at El Callao Port; the sale of Las Américas Hotel Chain; the concession of a new Mineral Terminal at El Callao Port; the sale of Frontino Gold Mines; among others.

Mr. Moreyra is currently a Board Member of Castrovirreyna Compañía Minera and Corporación Minera Castrovirreyna. He was also Board Member of the Ministry of Economy and Finance’s Comisión Administradora de Carteras.

Mr. Moreyra has a degree in Economics from Universidad del Pacífico and a MSc in Finance and Accounting from the London School of Economics.

Graduate of Concordia University, Montreal