JBR is an independent management consultancy agency founded in 1984 and specialised in corporate finance and restructuring/debt advisory and strategy issues. JBR is focussing on the sectors: energy and energy-related, the maritime, offshore, the DMIT (Digital, Media and Information Technology) and the healthcare, food- and agriculture and Industrial Markets. JBR is located in Zeist – near Utrecht in the middle of the country and servicing both Dutch and international organisations.

JBR is cooperating intensively. For further information and business opportunities, Please contact Aarno Keijzer who coordinates the Global M&A Partners-related communication for JBR and please feel free to visit the website www.jbr.nl

Key Contact

Ronald van rijn
Ronald Van Rijn
+31 30 699 90 00
+31 6 5334 0975

Mr. Ronald van Rijn is owner and managing partner of Solveigh Nederland since 2012 and partner of JBR since 1998. Mr. Van Rijn has more than 22 years of experience in corporate finance and strategic advice. Focus on mergers, acquisitions and restructuring.

Ronald graduated in Business Economics in 1989 at the Erasmus Universtity of Rotterdam and has since then managed over 100 national and international M&A transactions in a variety of industries such as Healthcare, Maritime and Offshore, Energy, TIME and Food & Agriculture.