Global M&A’s Japan office with headquarters in Tokyo and additional resources in Osaka is known as a pioneer of M&A services and one of the largest independent M&A houses in Japan. Our corporate finance advisors have built up a unique network of people in government and in top management positions at over 20,000 companies in Japan; a network that provides non-Japanese clients broad access to M&A opportunities. From M&A strategic planning to deal origination and execution, we provide custom-made services across all Japanese sectors that respond to clients' broad range of demands.

Global M&A Japan also trades locally under the name RECOF.

Key Contact

Masataka yoshida
Masataka Yoshida Senior Managing Director
+81 3 3221 4973
+81 80 1190 2587

After serving 8 years for one of the major Japanese city banks at its M&A division in Tokyo and London (more than 4 years), Yoshida joined RECOF from the beginning of the year 1995. He has a total of more than 30 years' experience of M&A origination and advisory services with over 50 transactions executed through his origination during his tenure at RECOF. In addition to various domestic transactions, he has been involved in many of the blue-chip American and European enterprises’ entry, expansion and exit in relation to the Japan market.

His main focus is extended to automotive industry including parts, F&B, paper manufacturing and its related sectors, logistics, auto related services, media/marketing, travel and cross border business (targeting Southeast –Asian countries, especially Vietnam).


Sam originated and advised more than 60 completed transactions during his tenure of 20 years at RECOF as one of RECOF’s “from early-stage” core members. He has been engaged in both domestic and cross-border transactions in various industries including business services, financial services, consumer products, housing/building material, apparel, media, and automotive. Selected Transactions in cross-border deals are as follows. Advised on the “buy-side” a Japanese house-builder investing into a major Vietnamese construction company’s group company Advised on the “buy-side” a Japanese car dealer acquiring a majority stake of a South Vietnam car dealer company Advised on the “buy-side” a Japanese non-bank company investing into a Vietnamese bank’s consumer finance company Advised on the “buy-side” a Japanese leasing company forming s strategic alliance with one of Vietnamese bank’s subsidiary Advised on the “sell-side” for a Japanese IT product manufacturer to sell the majority stake to an Italian Milan listed IT product manufacturer Advised on the “sell-side” a French Paris listed IT service group to sell its Japanese subsidiary Consulting to Paris listed water business service group to acquire Japanese water service companies (total: 4 transactions) Consulting to the world’s largest US NYSE listed advertising and communications group to acquire Japanese companies: (total: 5 transactions)